925 Sterling Silver Handmade Ring with Natural Cameo Stone



Ring made from 925 sterling silver, handmade with natural cameo stone. Stone dimmensions: Width: 25 mm and Lenght: 20 mm.

The name comes from the Latin cameus, which probably refers to the Greek word “kamata”. It is a relief carved in stone. Cameos were usually carved by sculptors on stones that had two layers of material. Each layer was a different color. Engraving was usually done on the lighter material so that the darker material underneath would appear as a background.

Cameos began to be made during the Alexandrian and Roman times, when masterpieces were carved in stone. After the Roman era, cameo production waned, to be reborn in the Renaissance along with lithography (sculpture) in general. It was during this later period that artists preferred shell and coral as materials for carving cameos, and this technique flourished in Naples, Italy.

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Cameos, Handmade


Sterling Silver 925

Metal Color




Stone Color


Stone Dimmension

Oval 25 x 20 mm


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